Let's Bring on The Summer Vibes Already!

We love how music helps smooth all transformation, and brings us through to the other side with a hopeful ease we can't get any other way.  When we are too distracted to let the season take us where it wants us to go, music can bring us back to the moment, to ourselves, and it reminds us to surrender to the flow when we are holding onto the past like a branch stuck in the river rock.  Here is our "Now Spinning" list of albums to help you emerge from your cocoon with new energy and excitement, and get you pumped for the next road trip, festival, beach day or bbq.

This first one takes us back to the early 2000's when some of us were at an age where things were still pretty simple.  Many of us still didn't have the internet in our pocket, and if we wanted to know something (like the directions to the nearest HMV),  the easiest way to find out was to ask another human.  We could say that Jack Johnson was the soundtrack to these times and marked the beginning of the end of an era.  Listening to his songs now, we can be pretty certain Johnson knew what was coming.  We could also say he was so over-played that we almost can't listen to him ever again.  This album will change your mind about that.  The last one is a band we have been following for awhile and they are mostly instrumental but "Circles Around The Sun - Let it Wander" in particular conjures up the Summer feels.  Everything else in between these are albums we are loving and that cater to a wide range of listeners, so we're sure you will find something to add to your own "Now Spinning" Summer playlist.  All of these are available online or at the shop!  As always if you have any you would add to this list, let us know and we will get it in if we can!  Thanks for reading! 

Jack Johnson    Album: In Between Dub

Remixes By Lee "Scratch" Perry, Scientist, Mad Professor, Nightmares on Wax, Dennis Bovell, Yaadore, Sabatomic Sound System & Monk.

Sierra Ferrell    Album: Trail of Flowers 

Tom Petty   Album: Wildflowers and All The Rest

25 songs originally recorded during the Wildflower sessions

 Funkadelic   Album: Self titled (1970)

Warren G    Album: Regulate...g funk era

Grateful Dead   Album: American Beauty

Dazed and Confused Soundtrack

Circles Around The Sun  Album: Let it Wander

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